Security at Logycore
Your data is protected
AWS Reliability
We utilize AWS's robust cloud technology for maximum service uptime and resilience, with distributed data centers for consistent reliability.
Paddle Secure Payments
Payments are securely processed via Paddle, adhering to PCI DSS standards with advanced encryption and fraud protection measures in place.
Secure Data Transmission
Your data is securely encrypted while on the move through the use of the industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.
IAM Access Control
Access to our system is tightly controlled through AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), ensuring secure data access and management.
Advanced Data Protection
Even when stored, your information is fully protected with advanced AES-256 encryption, the benchmark for data defense in the industry.
Ongoing Security Compliance
Regular security evaluations keep our service aligned with stringent data protection standards, with AWS and Paddle’s security rigorously audited.

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